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Small Business Grant Application Assistance

Competitive Support

Are you looking for writing support and submission with your grant application? Look no further! C Turner Tax Services LLC offers complete grant application assistance to help you obtain the funding you need for your small business or project. We have included other services such as grant writing, proofreading, budget creation, and more.
We have an exceptional track record of helping clients secure grant funding for small businesses and non-profits. We are thoroughly knowledgeable of the grant application process. We have a clear understanding what funders are looking for what is needed to have a competitive grant application.
In addition to small business grant application assistance, we also offer one-on-one coaching to help you navigate the application process and provide feedback on your application submission materials. Our goal is to ensure that your grant application is presented in the best light it can be and to increase your chances of being funded.
Don't allow fear of the grant application process to hold you back from achieving your business goal to being funded. Start today to learn more about how we can help you “Get The Money Honey”.

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