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Our Tax Preparation Fees

Competitive Tax Preparation Fees

C Turner Tax Services LLC takes pride being the #1 virtual tax office for small businesses and having competitive and transparent tax preparation fees. We try to maintain  our fees according to the historical tend of what tax preparation fees have been throughout the nation and what we have charged throughout our company's existance, which have slightly changed within the last year.

Most of our clients are in Georgia, Texas, Florida and Maryland, however we have other clients throughout the United States.

To provide you more clarity of our business services, you may click each button below.

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Tax Preparation Fees

Business Tax Preparation Fees

Our Business Tax Preparation Fees start at $450.00 for 1099's (each) and up to 2 member LLC using a Schedule C. Partnership Form 1065, and Corporation 1120 or 1120s Tax Preparation Fees start at $750.00 

(Most business tax preparation fees start at $1500.00)

Individaula Tax Preparation Fees

Our Individual Tax Preparation Fees start at $385.00 for  the first W-2 and $15.00 for each additional W-2, Additional fees of other tax forms start at $20.00

(Most individual tax preparation fees start at $800.00)

Small Business Bookkeeping Service

We began offering small business bookkeeping services recently for our new business owners. We have a monthly billing cycle of $250-$550 depending on the size of company and the financial movement of your company. (Most bookkeeping fees start at $350.00) 

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